Following my passion, I started my education as a pastry chef at an early age. After graduating from the Pastry and Chocolate school in Brussels, I gained experience, which gave me a wider vision of the pastry world. 

At 20 years-old, I moved to Italy and, after a few years, I had the chance to join the team of Sergio Mei at the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan. This gave me the opportunity to travel all over the world, acquiring new experiences and working as a pastry chef in luxury hotels in Cairo, Japan, the United States and the UK.

Over the years, thanks to the collaboration with Barry Callebaut, I became more and more confident with the technology and the chemistry of chocolate. I started teaching worldwide and I realized that sharing my knwoledge was my future.  

In 2016, I create my own company “Pastry & chocadvice”. As the name suggests, I give advice, provide support & offer solutions in the world of pastry and chocolate, sharing my knowledge and unique technique. 

In a few words: “I do what I love”.



Alexandre Bourdeaux

Stijn Streuvelslaan, 19
1933 Sterrebeek

V.A.T 0660.751.132.