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Online consulting

Do you have doubts about a particular technique? Do you want to obtain an expert’s advice on a recipe or a preparation? Do you want to balance a recipe? Are you looking for new inspirations?
The consultancy service is made for you.

On site consulting

Are you looking for a practical workshop?
Do you want to develop a new range of products?
Do you want to improve existing recipes?
I’m available for a dedicated consultancy in your laboratory.

Classes & workshops

My educational offer includes several courses dedicated to chocolate, classic/modern pastry and much more.

Order online

Discover a delicious selection of my perles chocolat, available for purchase by pastry shop.

online Video classes

If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must organize online courses with the mountain. Discover my online courses

Ganache solution

The software that allows you to balance your ganache recipes. The solution dedicated to the world of chocolatier to manage their own recipes and monitor taste, structure and duration of the product.

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